Thomas P. MontAlto

Thomas P. MontAlto, RA, AIA, NCARB is an internationally award winning, Innovative design architect with in depth knowledge of every area of architectural and interior design. He has collaborative experience with many firms and institutions on a wide variety of projects with work in both the public and private sector. Known as conscientious and diplomatic he has been successful in project expedition, facilitation and team building with a concept he created called "Design Acceleration©".

A combination of a pragmatic focus while delivering refined minimalist designs is the direct result of growing up in his fathers’ architectural practice and many years of on site construction experience. His vision for HMH is for a highly organized and clear approach to the production of environmentally friendly house plans utilizing the high level computer skills and specialized digital abilities of the HMH staff and partners.

"I believe that more and more people want modern residential design. After all we are in the twenty first century. Our cars are very modern, our phones and gadgets are high-tech and beautiful. It’s time our homes caught up. We are now making available for the first time high quality modern architecture as stock design house plans. What we are providing is a way for homeowners to open a successful dialogue with their home builder. They can say, ‘We have this set of blueprints. Can you work with us to build this for us?’ Conversely these plans are also available to builders who can now offer their prospective clients beautiful modern home designs"

"I grew up in the architectural office of my dad, and out on the jobsites with him. I learned early to respect and admire the contractors and builders and to understand how buildings are put together. I also learned the joy of designing and a great respect for nature. Many trips out to the sites with dad taught me with certainty how very difficult field conditions can be and the reality of the construction process. This is where my grounding knowledge was received. From these experiences I have evolved my personal design methodology, which draws upon my practical observations plus a study of natural forms and the built environment. I rely heavily upon a continuous study of architecture and all forms of art to generate design ideas. My method is to combine fresh ideas with a practical knowledge of construction and the appropriate use of materials to arrive at beautiful buildings that work."


Thomas MontAlto